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What is Suits for Success?


Suits of Success was founded in 2014. Engaging with corporate institutions in Hong Kong, we collect new and lightly-used professional clothing and distribute to less privileged people in Hong Kong.


Our mission is to empower disadvantaged or disenfranchised people entering the professional workforce for the first time via the provision of suitable clothing and training workshops.


Young people from low income families tend to have less money to spend on work appropriate clothing leading them to wear school uniforms, ill-fitting or inappropriate attire. We believe this gets them off to an unequal footing and in turn affects their success in the workplace. The clothing donated gives confidence and a sense of equality for people of all ages and genders who strive to improve their future and break the poverty chain. 


Secondly, according to 2016 statistics from the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, 343 tonnes of textile waste are dumped daily.  Further, synthetic fibers can take hundreds of years to break down releasing greenhouse gases in the process. Donating your clothing prevents them from adding to landfill.


Suits for Success was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2018 and is a registered charity under Section 88 of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (File No. 91/16211).


Where will our clothing donations go?


We work closely with a range of partner charities, supporting diverse groups of people in Hong Kong and overseas, including: 

  • Less privileged young people in Hong Kong who are entering summer internships, academic interviews or first jobs. 

  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees who are undertaking development programs or, for those eligible, internships and work placements.

  • People with learning or physical disabilities as they enter work placements. 

  • Foreign domestic helpers who are undertaking courses to develop their entrepreneurship or business skills.

  • Visitors from less affluent countries who are attending work placements in Hong Kong.

  • Donations considered unsuitable for the above groups will be sent to Refugee Union, a charity that works with thousands of refugees on a range of challenges they face. 

When will the drive be held in 2019?


For Corporate Collection Partners:  We will be taking delivery of your clothing collections on May 17th. We recommend you run your clothing drives from May 13th to 16th.


For Public Collections: Our public collections partner, Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness, will be running the clothing drive from May 10th to 16th.


Unfortunately, we are unable to take late deliveries.



Why have the dates changed this year?


There are two reasons for the date change this year. Distributing closer to May/June aligned closer with the needs of many of our charity partners, particularly those who assist with placing students in summer internships. As we all know, space and storage in Hong Kong is an expensive commodity.


We also wanted to encourage our clothing donors to give us professional clothing rather than the clothing that is found after a spring clean, which usually occurs around Chinese New Year. Both allow us to further streamline our processes and therefore focus on meeting the needs of our charity partners.



What clothing do you accept?


We accept new or lightly-used professional clothing. “Professional” means clothes you would wear to a corporate office environment. “Lightly-used” means clothing you’ve used only a handful of times and is still in good condition. Clothing must be washed and/or dry-cleaned.


Before you donate please consider: Would you wear this in a corporate office environment? If not, please do not donate it to us. The people we work with are humans too and won’t want to wear anything stained, old, out of fashion or damaged.



What don’t you accept?


This year, we will not be taking the following items:


  • Shoes

  • Ties

  • Belts

  • Laptop bags, backpacks or briefcases

  • All other accessories including jewellery, brooches, hats, suspenders, etc.

  • Dirty, damaged or stained clothing.

  • Clothing that is too old or out of fashion.

  • White shirts that are not brand new (they must have tag on or be in original packaging)

  • Clothing that cannot be used in an office environment including gym and casual clothes.

  • Undergarments including underwear, hosiery, socks or bras.

  • Hangers

  • Plastic bags or other kinds of reusable bags.



I can’t seem to donate to my usual Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness location, why has this changed?


In our efforts to focus on professional clothing, we have selected Pure locations that cater to a more corporate clientele. That is, we will be collecting from locations that are in business districts only. 


In 2019, Pure will be accepting clothing at the following locations only:

  • Pure Yoga: Lincoln House, Asia Standard Tower

  • Pure Fitness: IFC, PCCW, ICBC Tower



What are the key differences to this year’s drive?


Based on feedback from our partners and volunteers, we are making a few changes to this year’s drive. This includes:


  • Self-delivery – We are providing a 20% discount code (courtesy of our partner, Lalamove) so you can self-deliver to our warehouse in Tsing Yi. This gives you the flexibility to pick a time frame that works best for you.


  • Pre-sorting – We are creating more volunteer opportunities for our corporate partners by encouraging a pre-sorting process in the comfort of your own office before clothing is sent to our warehouse.



How will the collection process work?


  1. We deliver collection boxes to you a week before the suggested collection week in May.

  2. You organize a pre-sorting event in the comfort of your own office ready for collection day on May 17th. For a guide on how to pre-sort, click here.


From here, you have two options:

  1. Download the Lalamove app on your phone and arrange for self-delivery on May 17th. (please book two days in advance). You will be able to take advantage of a 20% discount via an exclusive S4S code. For more details on how this will work click here.

  2. Don’t want to self-deliver? No problem! We can come collect your clothing donations but we encourage a tax-deductible monetary donation to help cover the logistics costs associated with moving clothing to our worthy charity partners. The amount is of course up to you, but we think a donation of HK$500 or more will greatly assist us. This way, we can direct more of our funding resources to our other projects like educational workshops.


Please let us know which option you will choose by filling in this form by May 1st 2019.



OK, I’ll self-deliver. How will this work?


We have partnered with Lalamove again this year, who will be providing us with a generous 20% off single-use discount code exclusive for our collection day on May 17th. Our logistics team will be in touch with more specific information closer to the date but here is how it will work:


  1. Download the Lalamove app on your phone and sign up at least a week in advance of the collection day.

  2. Tell our logistics team the number you used when signing up in return for the discount code so we can confirm your status as a corporate partner to Lala. If you already have the app, just let us know the number attached to the account.

  3. Our logistics team will coordinate with you on a preferred time slot.

  4. Book your Lala van 2-days in advance (i.e. May 15th).


If you wish to use your own delivery service, you are more than welcome to. Please just send us a note at info@suitsforsuccesshk.org and let us know!

Do you have an estimate of how much self-delivery will cost us?

Total cost will be dependent on how much you collect. Thanks to Lala, you will receive a 20% discount on your booking.


Why are you asking us to self-deliver this year?


Self-delivery will help us to simplify our logistics process. It will give you a little more control over van arrival and delivery times and removes the need to find parking and building-access permits. Our volunteers can then focus their efforts at our warehouse where they will meet vans and start the sorting of incoming clothing from Day 1.


We would like to donate some money. How should we do this?


Thank you for kind donation! Please do a direct transfer, credit card payment or mail the cheque as per the below:


Bank Transfer


Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd 

Account Name: Suits for Success (Hong Kong) Ltd 

Branch Code: 415 

Account Number: 41500476339 

Bank Code: 003 


Please email sanel@suitsforsuccesshk.org with your transfer confirmation so we can easily identify your donation.


Pay by credit card



Address cheques to

Suits for Success (Hong Kong) Limited 

PO Box 9693

Central Post Office, Hong Kong


Please ensure you address the cheque to our full charity name so that we can write you a tax-deductible receipt.


How should we pre-sort?


We appreciate that the level of sorting will largely be dependent on your space and time resources.  However, we ask that you try and do the following:


  • For full men’s and women’s suits, please neatly roll matching pants/skirts into the sleeve of the jacket to ensure pairs don’t get lost.

  • As mentioned, we only have a use for professional clothing, but we understand that you may still receive “unsuitable” clothing. If you happen to receive non-professional clothing, please put these in a separate and clearly marked box.


If possible:

  • Separate men’s and women’s clothing

  • Separate tops, bottoms and suits.



Why are you asking us to pre-sort this year?


The pre-sorting is primarily to remove unsuitable donations and to achieve a more efficient sorting process. A great deal of the team’s resources over the last few years has been allocated to the rehoming of unsuitable donations.


In order to focus on our mission, we are putting in measures to reduce this significantly. We also believe that asking you to self-sort will help grow your awareness on clothing waste.


This is also a great volunteer and team building opportunity from the comfort of your own office!


How do you want us to pack the clothing for you?


In our efforts to reduce waste, please do not include the following:


  • Hangers (unless keeping a full suit together)

  • Plastic or shopping bags – please encourage donators to empty the clothes from bags directly into clothing collection boxes.


Please refrain from delivering clothing to us in the collection boxes. If possible, please store the collection boxes for re-use next year, otherwise return them to us in the original flatbox position on May 17th.



What volunteer opportunities do you have?


We are looking for volunteers for the following dates:


  • May 17th – Receiving team (half day)

  • May 18th and 19th – Sorting, packing and distribution team (half to full day)


Please email us at info@suitsforsuccess.hk if you are interested!


We also want to speak to you if your firm are interested in hosting training workshops or providing internship opportunities. Please email kate@suitsforsuccess.hk .



Who are your service and financial sponsors this year?


Suits for Success couldn’t have gotten to this point without the generous help of our service and financial sponsors. They have kindly donated their time and resources to our cause and we are very grateful to them.


This year we want to thank the following for supporting us:



Tove and Libra have provided a fantastic discount exclusive for our partners. Use the code “SS1915” for 15% off your online purchases and Tove and Libra will donate 10% of sales to Suits for Success.    



I have more questions! Who can I speak to?


Please email info@suitsforsuccess.hk and someone will reach out to you!