About Us


Suits for Success launched in 2014 as a charitable initiative run by Women in Finance Asia (WiFA). Engaging with corporate institutions in Hong Kong, we collect new and lightly-used professional clothing and distribute to less privileged people in Hong Kong.


Our mission is to empower disadvantaged or disenfranchised people entering the professional workforce for the first time via the provision of suitable clothing and training workshops.


Young people from low income families tend to have less money to spend on work appropriate clothing leading them to wear school uniforms, ill-fitting or inappropriate attire. We believe this gets them off to an unequal footing and in turn affects their success in the workplace. The clothing donated gives confidence and a sense of equality for people of all ages and genders who strive to improve their future and break the poverty chain. 


Secondly, according to 2016 statistics from the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, 343 tonnes of textile waste are dumped daily.  Further, synthetic fibers can take hundreds of years to break down releasing greenhouse gases in the process. Donating your clothing prevents them from adding to landfill.